Icelandic Rams For Sale


Please Contact Us for information on this year’s lambs/sheep for sale.

We require 1/3 down to hold any sheep for purchase. Balance is due when you pick up.
Lambs grow and change quickly, if we feel that a lamb is not growing into breed stock quality we will remove it from the sales list only offering you our best.
Please contact us at:   sheep@dancingaspensfarm.com  or just leave us a “comment” below with any questions.   We would be glad to answer all your questions or just to chat about sheep!

Registered Rams/ Lambs



Dante is a handsome polled black (possibly grey) spotted ram out of Frida.  He has wonderful milk genetics, beautiful fleece and is growing extremely quickly into a long bodied ram.

$350 Registered


Mom:  SLG FRIDA EWE B4P 07S -[CAN]605961-P                     Sired By:  CIRRUS 2X -[CAN]655629-P

 Durango is a beautiful polled moorit spotted ram that is possibly carrying the grey pattern.  Mom has a beautiful udder and labored in the night and we found him and his twin sister dried and up with full bellies in the morning.  He will make a wonderful herd sire!

Sired By:  CIRRUS 2X -[CAN]655629-P                              Mom: DAI BRIDLE EWE B5P 31W -[CAN]653401-P



Unregistered Rams~



Dakota is a beautiful moorit {brown} ram lamb out of Grizzle.  His dam is very milky, as is the sire’s side.  He has both his parents wide horn set as well as an exceptional build.  He has a gorgeous fleece.



Fiber Buddies

Charlie is a “Shicelandic”  🙂  Mom is a shetland and sired by Caliber our Icelandic Ram.  Wethered Boy.  Fabulous fleece and will spin up beautifully into to a grey/silver.


Domino is a polled, long body ram lamb with a beautiful fleece. Black spotted carrying moorit.

$225 ~Sold


Registered Ram ~ Sold


Caliber is a handsome black grey spotted smooth polled ram. He is an excellent choice for a herd sire as he comes from very milky lines and has a wonderful frame and a soft silky fleece.  He throws black, solid, grey and spotting. He is also a very mannerly and respectful ram.  His lambs are quick-growing and long-bodied with wonderful fleeces.  We are very happy with his lambs and will be keeping his full brother.  Caliber is a wonderful proven heard sire and will add  meaty frames, improve the milk production in your ewe lambs and give you fine, fabulous fleeces.


His Pedigree includes:

Information via Southram, Iceland.

HNYKILL 95820 {Hnykill is white and polled. He’s got extremely good conformation with muscular shoulders, back and loins. Back is strong, thigh muscles thick, well shaped and deep.  Feet are strong and well placed.}

EIR 96840

{Eir is polled, white. He has extremely muscular neck and shoulders and a great conformation. Back is exceptionally strong and muscled. Loins are long, broad and as well filled as possible.  Thighs are very well shaped, thick muscle which completely closes the crotch.  Feetsare strong and right. Eir is exceptionally powerful and long bodied.}

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We require 1/3 down to hold any sheep for purchase.  Balance due when you pick up.


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