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Very Cute Lambs



Audrad’s, Raftur babies, Eva and Espen
Beautiful Erna! Black grey mouflon, ewe lamb.
Elki snoozing…
Don’t tell!
Hello, handsome!
Who does he think he is?
Hiding out!
I love Echo’s coloring!
Echo, Elja and Elki
I love the colors here on mama Eyja, and white baby, Elgin and black mouflon, Erna.
Erbert flehming…
Frank keeping a close eye on Elgur.
Snuggled up…
Jumping for joy! (I still need a name!)
Ellis, soaking up some sun.
Little Etta, she was born this morning.
Elki, getting a bit of a snack.
Handsome Edur!
Whole passel of boys!
Espen, hanging out in the feeder. My AI’ed Raftur ram lamb.
Happy Erpir!

Lambing has been uneventful lately.  Definitely not complaining there.  They can just continue with what they’re doing, healthy lambs, unassisted  which would be wonderful.  We are almost half way finished up and our count is 21 ram lambs and 8 ewe lambs.  I am praying that things switch up a bit with this next half.



Baby Business…

The lambs sure are entertaining to say the least.  Every evening they all decide to race and jump and kick and hop.

Follow the leader…
Chicken stalking…
Run fast!
Jump like a bunny!
Jump again!
Kick up your heels!
Jump for joy!
Jump high!
Butting heads…
More head banging!
I’m tough!
Racing… faster, higher, go, go, go!!


Lambs, lambs, and more lambs!

Saturday morning we found Grizzle in labor, digging nests and trying to push out her lamb.  After 45 minutes without any progress we decided we better see what was going on.  Mark found the first lamb presenting it self bottom first, so he went digging and found hind-feet and pulled the first guy.

A nice black ram lamb that weighed in at almost 6 lbs. and having a nice set of horn buds.

The second was also pulled since we weren’t sure how long she had actually been in labor for.  It was a good thing too because he was twisted all up in a knot.  It took some doing but my hubby was able to get him pulled and the little guy spun to life.

He weighed in at 6 1/2 pounds and is the spitting image of his brother and his sire, Blackfoot.

Griz is one of my best mammas!  She keeps a very close eye on her babies and always has plenty of milk.  Her lambs are always quick-growing and vigorous.

Sunday morning we awoke to Wisteria and …

two more babies!  One ram lamb…

He is a handsome spotted moorit (brown) ram, weighing close to 7 lbs.

and finally a little girl!

She is also  spotted moorit in color, almost an exact replica of her mama.

Every year that we have lambed we have started our names with a certain letter of the alphabet.  So the first year most of the names started with “A”, the next year “B” and so on.  This year is an “E” year and since she made her debut on Easter that shall be her name.  :0)

They were sired by Drafnar.

Monday morning we had an extra special event occur!  Our first AI lambs arrived!!  We imported semen from Iceland through our sheep breeders co-op and had the pleasure of trying to catch these girls at just the right moment and trying to Artificially Inseminate them.  This helps to keep the gene pool fresh and is very exciting to be using the same wonderful rams that are available to farmers in Iceland.

Eisa is a beautiful white ewe lamb that will have horns, she carries moorit and spotting.   She weighed 7 lbs.   It was wonderful to walk out and find these gems all dried off, up and nursing!

And Eldur…

He is a very handsome horned white ram lamb that will carry moorit and spotting!  He weighed close to 8 lbs.

Check out his horn buds…

Sired By:  Kveikur 05-965

Then later that morning, poor Audna, whom was almost a week over due decided it was time to get the show on the road!

She delivered two huge ram lambs without assistance.  You could tell they were both rams before they were born, due their horn buds showing through the perineum .  Um ouch!

He is a frosted black mouflon and will carry moorit.  He weighed a whopping 10 lbs!

His brother arrived about a half hour later…

He is a very handsome moorit mouflon that weighed in at 9 lbs even!

The two together…

Such handsome little fellows!  Also sired by Blackfoot.

A quick shot of Sybil and one of her boys!

And one more of Wisteria’s ram lamb, with the cool tuft of white on his head!

The kids checking out one of Grizzle’s new lambs.

Nasty weather moving in again.

I have several more looking real close, better go check on them.  Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for more ewe lambs.

Give me your best “E” names for lambs too!  Please?  :0)

Sybil’s Lambs…

The moment we have all been waiting for at Dancing Aspens Farm has finally arrived!  Last night at my midnight check, I found Sybil doing the get up, lay-down, get up, lay-down routine.  When I snuck around behind her there was a … bubble (of amniotic fluid) coming out!  With in a half hour she had her first lamb out and was trying to get him cleaned up…

This little cutie made his appearance first.  He is a horned black grey ram lamb.  He was full of vigor and in no time was up and looking for something to eat.

Then Sybil while trying to get her first lamb cleaned up and dried off starting working on number 2!  I was a bit surprised to see that she was twinning as she really didn’t look hugely pregnant.  Sybil pushed and pushed and finally two hooves appeared.   I kept waiting for the nose and couldn’t see all too well at 1 a.m. (even though the moon was full and bright!)  The legs just kept coming and knew I needed to jug her.  So after grabbing the first baby and leading Sybil with her lamb to the jug, I gave Mark a quick wake-up call to see if he would come hold her while I pulled.  Poor Mark was dead asleep, but willing agreed to help.  😉  In the meantime, I grabbed a cloth and tried to grab the legs but momma wasn’t cooperating very much.  Finally though I was able to get a good grip on those slimy legs and momma tried whipping around real fast and out flew number 2!

Isn’t he a looker?  He is a black grey ram too but homozygous for the grey pattern with nice horn buds.

I ended up giving him a quick swing to clear his lungs and a couple of breathes to his mouth, but he purred right to life and in no-time was finding his legs too.

Mama giving a cleaning to her lambs.

Looking for something to eat!

Hanging with mom.  It was a very exciting (and cold) night!

Mom is Sybil

Sired by Reykur


It has officially hit here!  Spring fever and cabin fever, especially since this winter has been so pathetic.  The spring-like weather doesn’t help any either. It all  just has me impatiently waiting for the best time of the year…

Bruno smiling!

Lambing Season!

Baby Zayne with the babies…

It just makes us all so happy!

Dalla in the snow.

Two badgerface lambs snuggled in.

Calypso~the first black grey ewe lamb to grace our farm.:)

Smiling Charlie!

Dugur giving some lamb loves!

Druna, hiding in the grass…

Draumur just days old.

Too bad lambing season is still 7 weeks away.  😦    I think I will have to post a weekly tribute of my favorite lamb pictures until lambs start arriving.  That will hopefully hold me over until then. ;0)


As I said before, we have a couple of (very) late babies this year but they were definitely worth waiting for.  Lukka lambed on the 3rd, adding a gorgeous white ewe lamb and a handsome black grey ram lamb to the flock.



For the brave here are some birth pictures…


Esja’s Lambs


Esja went into labor in the early morning of April 3rd.  Sawyer had went out to feed before we were suppose to be headed to church and found Esja contracting away in a corner of the barn.  Sawyer and I volunteered to stay home while Mark and the rest of the crew hurried off for the morning service.  Esja never formed “bubbles” like other normal delivering ewes do prior to lambing, instead she would contract and just have “leakage”.  After an hour of no progression we moved Esja to a jug and watched a bit longer and then thought it best to check her and see how the lamb was presenting.

I found two legs forward and a muzzle…good!  So I thought the legs might be a bit bound up behind the pelvis so gave a gentle pull to see if they would pop up and out giving the lamb a bit more room to progress.  Good thought, but nothing budged.  So Sawyer tried and nothing.  We knew something was wrong…it just felt wrong, so a call was made to my amazing husband sitting in worship with 7 kids.  Thankfully some friends were able to sit with the kids throughout the remainder of the service while Mark raced back home.

Once home Mark also tried to give a tug and loosen the lamb but to no avail.  So he started feeling around and discovered that two lambs were trying to race out at the same time.  The feet of the first lamb were out with the head of the second.  After quite a bit of repositioning he was able to pull the first out.  He wasn’t breathing.  After some swinging, rubbing and lamb CPR he was revived.  Then he went in for the second, which also didn’t want to go.  More swinging, rubbing and CPR and he roared to life.

After everyone was out and breathing, momma and lambs just laid in their jug for a very long time.  Momma tried licking and cleaning but she was too tired to stand.  The poor little guys after such a difficult entrance into the world wouldn’t stand.

We helped dry the little guys off and then gave them some Nutridrench and finally got momma up to see if we couldn’t get them nursing.  Neither one wanted to suck or stand and were starting to chill.  Finally we thought it just best to tube them to try and get them warm.  The first guy took the feeding well and finally started to try standing and wiggled about, the second however didn’t respond and was still quite cold.  We decided we had better take him to the house and try warming him up.

At the house we put in a plastic garbage bag (to keep his scent on him) and submerged him in warm water…

Grandma warming the lamb

Mark came back down from the barn with a bit more colostrum and tubed him again.  The kids came back from church and were surprised to see a lamb in the house (our first in 4 seasons) and were hopeful the little guy would make it.   He started to get more wiggly and even making little baaaing noises making us all hopeful he would make it.  We all started joking about what this little troublemakers name would be when he went limp and passed peacefully.

One thing is for certain every incident whether it ends happily or as in this case miserly we always glean something from it.  The ordeal will play back again and again in your mind and it leaves you with more experience and ideas to try the next time it happens.

After the passing of the first we were able to put all of our attention on the first.  The first day he ended up being tubed several times until he regained his sucking reflex and then was able to take a bottle.  He wasn’t able to suck from momma for 2 days even though she was ever so patient for him and stood amazingly still while he tried.  Finally on the second day he wouldn’t take his bottle and were a bit worried he was going down hill and then we saw him latch on to momma and go to town!


So he acquired the named Dodge because he dodged death!

We figure both Dodge and his brother were hypoxic and suffered from not getting enough oxygen during birth.  The first several days we worried that Dodge might be blind but time has proven that he is definitely not and now acts like all the rest of the lambs in the nursery.


Dodge has an incredibly silky fleece and is out of one our most milkiest ewes.

  • Birth Date: April 3rd
  • Birth Weight:  5lbs 3 oz
  • Color/Pattern: Black Grey
  • Registrable
  • Ram Lamb

Sired By: Caliber