Very Cute Lambs



Audrad’s, Raftur babies, Eva and Espen
Beautiful Erna! Black grey mouflon, ewe lamb.
Elki snoozing…
Don’t tell!
Hello, handsome!
Who does he think he is?
Hiding out!
I love Echo’s coloring!
Echo, Elja and Elki
I love the colors here on mama Eyja, and white baby, Elgin and black mouflon, Erna.
Erbert flehming…
Frank keeping a close eye on Elgur.
Snuggled up…
Jumping for joy! (I still need a name!)
Ellis, soaking up some sun.
Little Etta, she was born this morning.
Elki, getting a bit of a snack.
Handsome Edur!
Whole passel of boys!
Espen, hanging out in the feeder. My AI’ed Raftur ram lamb.
Happy Erpir!

Lambing has been uneventful lately.  Definitely not complaining there.  They can just continue with what they’re doing, healthy lambs, unassisted  which would be wonderful.  We are almost half way finished up and our count is 21 ram lambs and 8 ewe lambs.  I am praying that things switch up a bit with this next half.


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