45 degrees

…and it’s the end of December?  That’s what our handy-dandy weather station informed us of today, in addition to that we received .24 of an inch of rain.  Ugh!  Everything is wet and slick or muddy.  I hate weather like this.

Muddy, mucky mess...

This mucky, slick mess made Sawyer go for a real ride today.  We needed to pull Blackfoot (our biggest, tallest ram) out of his breeding group today and put him back in with the rest of the fellows.     Sawyer was straddling the big guy, his feet barely touching the ground.   We navigated the electrical fence just fine and then the ram got the idea to just try to run out from under Sawyer.  See how well that worked…

Hop, hop, hop slide.....




Thru two puddles and more skidding along...

I really wish I would have had my camera at the time.  Poor Sawyer by the time the ram stopped running, he was wet clear up to his knees!  The whole time I am watching not sure if I should feel horrified or fall on the ground laughing!  I kept waiting to see him get bucked off and be covered in mud and then have the ram turn on him and gore him but Sawyer stayed on until Blackfoot ran out spunk.  We eventually moved the ram back up to the bachelors pen safe and sound and got chores finished up without too much else happening.

Blackfoot: 1


What a morning!


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