Evening at the Farm…

Mark and Sawyer pounding posts


What a gorgeous day.  We are relishing every minute of this warm weather we are having, knowing in the back of our minds that winter will be here before too long… Back to breaking waterers open every morning and evening, making sure there is ample straw in the sheds, feeding hay, and breaking ewes up into breeding groups.  Which is what we had in mind today, knowing that soon enough we will be needing to break up the ewes into 5-6 pens with a hunky ram.  Problem is is that we do not have that many (secure) pens, making sure rams stay in there designated spot without any break-ins from any roaming Romeo.  So Mark ended up trading the use of our drill for the use of a wood post-pounder to make more pens.  They will be great to put breeding groups into or wean lambs in or to keep sheep secure in during the evenings.



All lined up with the sun flowers.

At other places on the farm…

Dugur watching...


Dyr with Glacier Park in the background...




Louise grazing as the sun goes down...


A part of the farm...


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