A Wedding and a Lamb.

Friday morning when I went up to feed I could see that Fiona was a bit off, she was on day 148 of her pregnancy a bit overdue for an Icelandic.  Friday night we had a very special wedding to attend and I prayed that if she was going to lamb that day that she would get going…Speed forward to that afternoon and still nothing but her acting a bit more uncomfortable than usual.  I said another little prayer and our family hurried to get ready for the wedding and left.  We enjoyed a delightful night of spending time with family and welcoming a wonderful lady into our family.

When we arrived home it was very late and we had chores yet to do~ so armed in Carhartt’s and headlamps we hurried to feed everyone and check Fiona.  After feeding the main herd we headed toward the barn where I heard Sawyer yelling that we had a lamb on the ground!  There was Fiona and Astrid both licking up a huge white lamb!  Astrid isn’t due for another month but thought for sure the baby was hers and bleated for it when we moved Fiona and her lamb to a jug. Poor Astrid!!

I just “knew” Fiona had to be pregnant with twins ’cause she was soooo huge, so we waited and waited and then Mark checked her and couldn’t feel anything more so we waited a bit longer and finally the afterbirth slipped out…no more babies. 😦  So we nipped the cord and dipped the stump in iodine and then weighed the hefty little…?  After a quick check we found out it was a girl!  She ended up weighing…12 ponds!!  WOW!  Icelandic lambs generally weigh 6-8 lbs. Sawyer suggested we look in her mouth to see if she ate the other lamb!!  So there was my twins all wrapped up into one lamb.

I just so love this breed…Here Fiona had this huge-a-mongous  lamb unassisted, had her all cleaned and up and fed when we arrived.  We were so thankful for such a wonderful night~beautiful wedding and a huge healthy lamb!  The frosting for the night was that this (not so) little lamb has a sire in Iceland!

Fiona's lamb ~ Dáð: which is Icelandic for achievement, virtue


  • Birth Date: March 25th
  • Weight:  12lbs
  • Color/Pattern: White
  • Registerable
  • Ewe Lamb
  • Not for Sale

Sired by:                                           Raftur 05-966



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