Dyr’s Lambs

We could tell that Dyr must be getting close to lambing as she had been dribbling some mucousy discharge all day yesterday.  Then when she didn’t come up with the rest of the soon-to-be mommas for supper that really perked my interest.   We took shifts through the night checking on her every couple of hours.  Then in the pre-dawn hours she started making “bubbles” and we knew birth was imminent.  Then she stopped…stalled…went back to chewing her cud.  My husband checked her real quick but found nothing blocking the birth canal, so we just sat and waited… After two hours had passed without a single contraction I knew something was up so Mark checked her again and found a lamb presenting upside down!   After he slowly manipulated the lamb into the right position we noticed there was meconiuimm in the fluids so Mark decided to pull the baby, I was fearing the worst until he wiggled and flopped and then momma started to get him cleaned up right away…

Steamy ram lamb

A closer look…

Dawson a moorit badgerface ram.

He’s a handsome badgerface covered in Phaeomelanin (a minor pigmentation gene that will eventually fade as the ram gets older).

  • Birth Date: March 23th
  • Weight:
  • Color/Pattern: Moorit Badgerface
  • Unregisterable
  • Ram Lamb


Dawson and Dyr

Then Mark pulled his smaller sister since big brother was stressed…


Dimma and Dyr...

Dimma is a solid moorit ewe lamb and she was off to a good start!  She filled her tummy several times before big brother got the hang of it.

  • Birth Date: March 23th
  • Weight:
  • Color/Pattern: Moorit Solid
  • Unregistrable
  • Ewe Lamb

Sired by Blackfoot


Lamb Count: 5 Ewes and 2 Rams


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